Have you, as a patient, been the victim of a medical accident or error within the past three years? Medical negligence occurs when a healthcare professional fails in their duty of responsibility to you as a patient.  Whether you have suffered due to a delayed diagnosis, or due to surgical error, if it can be found that the negligence of the person treating you was the primary cause of your suffering, they could ultimately be held accountable. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice or error whilst being treated on the NHS, or privately, our medical negligence solicitors could help you to bring about a no win no fee claim for medical negligence compensation. For confidential advice concerning your right to claim, contact our friendly medical negligence solicitors without obligation today.

Our accredited medical negligence solicitors have become recognised for their work in a wide range of clinical  malpractice cases, including those relating to diagnostic and laser surgery errors. We may be able to assist you in the recovery of compensation if you, or a loved one, have suffered due to:

  • Complications arising from delayed treatment or diagnosis.
  • Delayed referral caused by diagnostic or administrative errors.
  • Misdiagnosis of a condition leading to the wrong treatment/ medication being given.
  • Antenatal or obstetric error, causing maternal or birth injury.
  • Errors during ophthalmic or laser eye surgery which subsequently impact your sight.
  • Care home negligence or abuse.
  • A hospital acquired infection, such as C. Difficile or MRSA.
  • Anaesthetic-related errors – resulting in brain injury.
  • Dental negligence or error which results in injury or adverse outcome.
  • Surgical errors which cause internal injury, incontinence or other complications.
  • Errors whilst undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Orthopaedic negligence – including faulty hip replacements.
  • Malfunctioning, broken or contaminated hospital equipment.
  • Malpractice or negligence on the part of your GP.
  • Prescription errors or wrongly prescribed medication.
  • Wrongful death of a loved one caused by medical negligence.

Our medical negligence solicitors bear significant experience of handling claims for a wide variety of negligence-related injuries and complications. We know that such claims can often be difficult, and should be handled with great sensitivity. When you make a claim with us, you can be assured our solicitors will approach your case with the sympathy it so deserves, taking into account what you want to achieve, and providing  impartial advice tailored to your circumstances.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for no win no fee assistance, or you have questions relating to the claims process, contact our helpful medical negligence solicitors risk-free today. Either call us on our free helpline number, or submit a call-back request online if you’d like one of our solicitor to call you back.

What is “Duty of Care?”

When you entrust your health or safety to a doctor, nurse or surgeon, you are in effect entering into an unspoken contract whereby they agree to provide you with only the very best standard of treatment and care. This is a legally binding commitment known as “duty of care”, to which all medical professionals must adhere. Duty of care also extends to making sure you understand your illness, the treatment prescribed, and the risks associated with that treatment or medication. Separately, healthcare professionals must take appropriate  steps to ensure you are a suitable candidate for treatment, taking into account any other pre-existing medical conditions.

Reasons For Medical Negligence

We’re often assured that, while cases of negligence occur, the chances of something going wrong while being treated in an NHS facility are still relatively slim. Unfortunately, NHS statistics paint a very different picture. According to a report published by the Telegraph in June 2013, claims against the NHS have increased by nearly 20 percent since 2012, with more than 16,000 patients or bereaved relatives taking legal action in the last year. Medico-legal experts suggest this rise has much to do with failing NHS standards, which in turn are often blamed on budget cuts and staff shortages. Our medical negligence solicitors have also encountered myriad of cases where hospitals and Primary Care Trusts have failed to conduct an investigation, or issue an apology, forcing many people to seek legal help because of the perceived injustice. What we can be certain of  is that long hours and severe staff shortages are having a severe impact upon the standard of care afforded to patients – often with devastating consequences!

Your Right to an Explanation

If you have suffered due to medical malpractice or error, you are at the very least entitled to a full explanation. Sadly, not all medical facilities are forthcoming with this information, and as we have seen in the media recently, may even go so far as to cover up their mistakes for fear of reprisal and damage to their reputation.

The first step in seeking an explanation is to file a complaint with your local hospital or Primary Care Trust. The NHS has a formal complaints procedure, and will usually write to you upon receipt of your complaint to explain the next steps that will be taken. It’s important to note that the NHS has a strict time limit of six months for complaints, starting from the date you believed you had cause to make a complaint.

If you are having difficulty communicating with a hospital or Primary Care Trust, our medical negligence solicitors may be able to help. We’ve advocated on behalf of many thousands of clients, and are committed to helping you get the justice you deserve – be it in the form of an apology, or compensation.

Risk-Free Medical Negligence Solicitors & Claims

If you are considering making a medical negligence compensation claim, it’s understandable you’re probably worried about the costs and risks involved. Our medical negligence solicitors work hard to minimise the stress of claiming with a wholly transparent approach to Conditional Fee Agreements (also known as no win no fee). At no stage during your claim will you be asked to cover legal costs, and even in the unlikely even we cannot negotiate a settlement, you won’t be liable for any costs incurred. Our medical negligence solicitors are dedicated to ensuring that you receive only the very best possible support for the duration of your claim, and will always make your needs their priority. If you are looking for no win no fee medical negligence solicitors with a expert record contact us today.

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